What is an ERRCS System ?

Basic RF Distribution system diagram

An Emergency Responder Radio Communication System, or ERRCS, is an amplification system that receives public safety radio signals from an off-air donor antenna and re-transmits them through in-building service antennas. This system is also commonly known as a BDA system or a Public Safety DAS (Distributed Antenna System).The Emergency Responder Radio Communications System (ERRCS) is…

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What is ERRCS Testing ?

A building and toy cars on a plain background

What is ERRCS Testing? ERRCS Testing, or ERRCS Grid Testing, is a measure of signal strength, or RSSI in a building. The exact signal strength measurements (if required at all) should be spelled out in your local adoption of IFC 510.4.1. A typical grid measurement will require that 95% of areas will have (1) RSSI…

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Near / Far : Designing for Success

Innovation and development

The Code IFC 510 has recently been updated to include verbiage on antenna density, which is especially important when it comes to possible near-far issues. The new verbiage is in IFC 510.4.2.8: Radio Communication Antenna Density. It states systems shall be engineered to minimize the near-far effect. Radio enhancement systems shall include sufficient antenna density…

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